Blue Ridge District Vitality Grant Process and Procedure
(February 2017)

  1. Applicants wishing to submit a grant proposal to the Blue Ridge District shall
    make written contact with the Blue Ridge District Church Vitality Strategist
    (“Church Vitality Strategist”) to review the proposal and grant process. The
    Church Vitality Strategist will inform and advise the applicant if a Mission Insite,
    Readiness 360 or other assessment tool is recommended as part of the grant
    application process.
  2. After meeting with the Church Vitality Strategist, an applicant shall complete the
    grant application found on the Western North Carolina Conference website:
    Upon submission of the completed grant application to the Church Vitality Strategist,
    the application will be initially reviewed and assessed by the District Superintendent,
    the Church Vitality Strategist, and District Vitality Team Chairs.
  3. The Blue Ridge District Grant Review Subcommittee appointed by the District
    Vitality Team (the “Grant Review Subcommittee”) shall also review and evaluate
    all grant applications for recommendations before the grant is submitted to the
    District Vitality Team for approval and action.
  4. A collaborative partner from another church in the applicant’s Missional Network
    and/or other community agency should be involved with the grant application as
    a collaborative advisor to the grant proposal and review. The Grant Review Subcommittee
    or District Vitality Team may request that the collaborative partner be
    involved further for ongoing support and accountability for ministry implementation.
  5.  Representatives of the applicant involved with the grant proposal may be required
    to attend a meeting of the Grant Review Subcommittee, the Blue Ridge
    District Vitality Team and/or of the District Trustees for any clarification of the
    grant application and proposal. During any stage of the review process or after a
    grant is awarded, the applicant may be required to provide additional information
    or data related to the grant application or the results of an awarded grant. A site
    visit by the Grant Review Subcommittee may also be required.
  6. All grant applications shall be submitted as provided in paragraphs 1 through 5
    above at least thirty days before the quarterly meeting date of the Blue Ridge
    District Church Vitality Team. The Blue Ridge District Church Vitality Team meeting
    dates will be listed on the Blue Ridge District Website calendar.
    Grant applications received after the thirty day period will be forwarded and reviewed
    at the next quarterly scheduled meeting of the Vitality Team.
  7.  If the aggregate amount of any grant application or related grant applications exceeds
    $10,000, such grant application shall also require the written approval of
    the District Trustees in addition to the District Vitality Team.
  8. The Chairman of the Blue Ridge District Board of Trustees (“ District Trustees” )
    shall receive a copy of the application and supporting documentation of all grant
    request approved by the District Vitality Team.
  9. In Addition, nothing in this Process and Procedure shall prohibit the District
    Trustees from requiring their written approval of any grant application regardless
    of amount before the grant or any portion is distributed.
  10. Within three days of the grant request decision, the Chair of the Vitality Team
    shall notify in writing a representative of the applicant for the grant request decision.
  11. After a grant is awarded, a written follow up report shall be submitted by applicant
    to the Church Vitality Strategist and the District Superintendent within a year
    of the grant receipt and at such other times as the Strategist and/or District Superintendent
    may request. Any such report shall detail the applicant’s use of
    grant funds, the effect of such grant funds in accomplishing the stated goal or
    goals in the original application, and such other information as the Church Vitality
    Strategist and/or District Superintendent may request. Additional information or
    reporting related to any awarded grant may also be requested and coordinated
    by the District Trustees, Church Vitality Strategist and/or the Grant Review Subcommittee.

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