Charge Conferences for 2016
Each church to schedule and conduct their own charge conference with a presiding elder.
If the pastor of a church is not an elder, the pastor should then contact another neighboring elder (i.e. in Missional Network) to request he/she preside for them. If you need assistance, please contact the district office.
Notify the district office by September 12th of the scheduled date of your charge conference and the name of the elder to preside.
The district office will send a letter authorizing the appointed elder to preside at the charge conference.
All charge conference forms will be available by September 1st on the district website and the WNCC website for download and completion.
All completed and signed charge conference forms must be received by the district office no later than November 28, 2016.


Forms for Charge Conference and Clergy Assessments

The deadline for completion of all assessment documents is November 2.

Assessment Chart

Assessment Instructions

WNC Conference total document page is here.

2017 Health Benefits:

2017 Apportionments:
You can look it up under the apportionments tab on your church page.

Lay Servant’s Annual Report