Churches listed by county and then by city within the county. Links are provided to church websites when available.


Church City County
Avery’s Creek UMC Arden Buncombe
Abernathy UMC Asheville Buncombe
Acton UMC Asheville Buncombe
Alexander Chapel UMC Asheville Buncombe
Asbury Memorial UMC Asheville Buncombe
Berry Temple UMC Asheville Buncombe
Bethel UMC Asheville Buncombe
Bethesda UMC Asheville Buncombe
Biltmore UMC Asheville Buncombe
Central UMC Asheville Buncombe
Covenant Community UMC Asheville Buncombe
East Asheville UMC Asheville Buncombe
Elkwood UMC Asheville Buncombe
Emma UMC Asheville Buncombe
Groce UMC Asheville Buncombe
Haywood Street Congregation Asheville Buncombe
Oakley UMC Asheville Buncombe
Reeves Chapel UMC Asheville Buncombe
Sardis UMC Asheville Buncombe
Skyland UMC Asheville Buncombe
St Paul’s UMC Asheville Buncombe
Trinity UMC Asheville Buncombe
Barnardsville UMC Barnardsville Buncombe
Mountain Valley UMC Barnardsville Buncombe
Black Mountain UMC Black Mountain Buncombe
Tabernacle UMC Black Mountain Buncombe
Brown’s View UMC Candler Buncombe
Davis Chapel UMC Candler Buncombe
Francis Asbury UMC Candler Buncombe
Laurel Hill UMC Candler Buncombe
Montmorenci UMC Candler Buncombe
Oak Hill UMC Candler Buncombe
Piney Mountain UMC Candler Buncombe
Snow Hill UMC Candler Buncombe
Bethany UMC Fairview Buncombe
Fairview Sharon UMC Fairview Buncombe
Nesbitt’s Chapel UMC Fairview Buncombe
Big Sandy UMC Leicester Buncombe
Dix Creek UMC Leicester Buncombe
Grace UMC Leicester Buncombe
Western Chapel UMC Leicester Buncombe
Swannanoa UMC Swannanoa Buncombe
Christ UMC Weaverville Buncombe
Clark’s Chapel UMC Weaverville Buncombe
Pleasant Grove UMC Weaverville Buncombe
Salem UMC Weaverville Buncombe
Weaverville UMC Weaverville Buncombe
Snow Hill UMC Morganton Burke
Etowah UMC Etowah Henderson
Fanning Chapel UMC Fletcher Henderson
Fletcher UMC Fletcher Henderson
Balfour UMC Hendersonville Henderson
Dana UMC Hendersonville Henderson
Edneyville UMC Hendersonville Henderson
First UMC Hendersonville Henderson
Fruitland UMC Hendersonville Henderson
Hope UMC At East Flat Rock Hendersonville Henderson
Moores Grove UMC Hendersonville Henderson
Upward UMC Hendersonville Henderson
Cummings Memorial UMC Mills River Henderson
Mills River UMC Mills River Henderson
Antioch UMC Hot Springs Madison
Fairview UMC Hot Springs Madison
Little Sandy UMC Leicester Madison
Bright Hope Laurel UMC Mars Hill Madison
Mars Hill UMC Mars Hill Madison
Teague’s Chapel UMC Marshall Madison
Spring Creek UMC Spring Creek Madison
Pleasant Gap UMC Weaverville Madison
Addie’s Chapel UMC Marion McDowell
Carson’s Chapel UMC Marion McDowell
Clinchfield UMC Marion McDowell
Concord UMC Marion McDowell
Cross UMC Marion McDowell
East Marion UMC Marion McDowell
First UMC Marion McDowell
Glenwood UMC Marion McDowell
Pleasant Hill UMC Marion McDowell
Providence UMC Marion McDowell
St Mark’s UMC Marion McDowell
West Marion UMC Marion McDowell
Nebo UMC Nebo McDowell
Pinnacle UMC Nebo McDowell
Trinity UMC Nebo McDowell
Bethel UMC Old Fort McDowell
Ebenezer UMC Old Fort McDowell
Old Fort UMC Old Fort McDowell
Bakersville UMC Bakersville Mitchell
Red Hill UMC Bakersville Mitchell
Spruce Pine UMC Spruce Pine Mitchell
Columbus UMC Columbus Polk
Bethlehem UMC Mill Spring Polk
Lebanon UMC Mill Spring Polk
Gray’s Chapel UMC Rutherfordton Polk
New Hope UMC Rutherfordton Polk
Saluda UMC Saluda Polk
Tryon UMC Tryon Polk
Cedar Grove UMC Bostic Rutherford
Golden Valley UMC Bostic Rutherford
Salem UMC Bostic Rutherford
Sunshine UMC Bostic Rutherford
Cedar Grove UMC Bostic Rutherford
Caroleen UMC Caroleen Rutherford
Alexander UMC Forest City Rutherford
Avondale UMC Forest City Rutherford
First UMC Forest City Rutherford
Mount Hebron UMC Forest City Rutherford
Pleasant Grove UMC Forest City Rutherford
Providence UMC Forest City Rutherford
Tanner’s Grove UMC Forest City Rutherford
Wells Spring UMC Forest City Rutherford
Cliffside UMC Mooresboro Rutherford
First UMC Rutherfordton Rutherford
Gilboa UMC Rutherfordton Rutherford
Gilkey UMC Rutherfordton Rutherford
Kistler’s Chapel UMC Rutherfordton Rutherford
Pisgah UMC Rutherfordton Rutherford
Spindale UMC Spindale Rutherford
Pisgah UMC Rutherfordton Rutherford
Centennial UMC Union Mills Rutherford
Thermal City UMC Union Mills Rutherford
First UMC Brevard Transylvania
Selica UMC Brevard Transylvania
St Timothy UMC Brevard Transylvania
Lake Toxaway UMC Lake Toxaway Transylvania
English Chapel UMC Pisgah Forest Transylvania
Rosman UMC Rosman Transylvania
Bald Creek UMC Burnsville Yancey
Celo UMC Burnsville Yancey
Higgins Memorial UMC Burnsville Yancey
Martin’s Chapel UMC Burnsville Yancey
Pensacola UMC Burnsville Yancey
Windom UMC Burnsville Yancey
Deyton Bend UMC Green Mountain Yancey