Praying Our Way Forward Monday February 20 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017
The Climb
O Lord,
Even as we struggle
And groan under this crust of frozen earth
Your steadfast love measures each step.
Lead us as we re‐imagine
Balanced within
New forms
Living in
Holy Places.
As we climb mountains,
And the air grows thin,
May we be reminded to listen with Our eyes and our hearts.
You are the rope that we grasp,
The solid footing on which we stand,
And the broad horizon we will see
When this veil of our own self‐made fog clears.
Lead us, again, as we,
Brother and sister,
Make our way,
Hand in hand
To see together
The way forward.

Prayer written and prayed by Amy Vaughn

Praying Our Way Forward Sunday February 19 2017

Praying Our Way Forward on  February 19, 2017

You are our life, O Lord.  Receive our prayers, offered not only in words but also in spirit, by which we come asking, seeking, and knocking for our hearts’ desires.  Grant comfort to all who hope in you.
We give you thanks for the gift of your Church and for the mystery of your love in each other.  Lord of the Harvest, “send out laborers into the harvest,” that we like the early church may minister in this beautifully diverse world as you consecrate our efforts to make new disciples of Jesus Christ.
Guide the hearts of those who have been selected and appointed at this time to exercise discernment on behalf of the church.  Grant them knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, a spirit of counsel and strength, that their delight be the fear of the Lord.
May your Light direct our prayers, conversations, actions, and decisions so that we may be more closely drawn to Jesus, your Son, our Savior, the Light of the World.  Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us.
Blessed Consoler, Comforter, and Teacher, help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus rather than being distracted by the storms that surround us, for we know he is with us in every tempest.  Keep us faithful in all we do, especially in our work for unity, that we might be one in the faith of Christ.  Amen.
Prayer written and prayed by: Bishop Paul Leeland, Resident Bishop of Western North Carolina Conference

Conversation with Robert Jones

Sunday, March 12

WaterRock Institute & The Blue Ridge District invite you and your congregation to

A Conversation with Robert Jones, Ph.D.,

Author of The End of White Christian America

on Sunday, March 12 at Covenant Community Church, 11 Rocket Drive, Asheville. Check-in is at 2:45 pm;
the Program begins at 3 pm.

Dr. Jones is a leading scholar and commentator on religion, culture, and politics. He is frequently featured in major national media such as CNN, NPR, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Drawing on more than four decades of data, Dr. Jones will discuss findings related to the changing status of what has been our nation’s dominant model of church. We will have the opportunity to dialogue about the findings, potential consequences, and strategies.

Registration will open soon (we will alert you via email).  The cost is only $10.

Pastors, please SAVE THE DATE – March 12 – and help to spread the word by including this event in your church bulletin and newsletter.

We look forward to your presence with us!

Location: Covenant Community UMC

Webpage and directions:

Registration Form to download and mail: click here.